Who’s Using GTD?

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Hopefully those who have followed my productivity course will be we versed in the benefits of productivity, but those who may need a little more convincing should look at the resources I’ve assembled here.

I’ve been surfing the web hoping to find some interesting stories from those who have decided to do more in less time and found these excellent resources:

The first is a very good profile of David Allen, who invented the GTD – Getting Things Done – system upon which my productivity methodology is based. David is one of the most interesting men in the ‘management guru’ marketplace at present. He isn’t your average salary whore.

The second is a record of the experiences of a UK-based journalist, so the spelling is correct. He makes a good case for the stress-reduction properties of the GTD method.

I suppose I should write a personal recollection…


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