Matthew Bate – Who he? What do?

Apologies to Little Britain

I’m a British national, resident on the south coast of England.

Away from work I like classic cars, classical music and am currently trying to find a forward-looking hobby… I suppose that when work looks to the future, respite can be found in the past.

I have been a vegan for around twelve years, I suppose that counts as forward-looking.

When I left school I found myself in the construction industry but following a catastrophic collapse in the UK housing market in the early nineties and a critical illness I found myself working for the UK arm of French technology company SERPE-IESM. While with S-I, I was involved with the marketing of marine and aviation electronics and the design and installation of ship-board computer systems.

After this came a disastrous spell as a playwright which combined with my previous technology experience proved the perfect springboard into a career in IT. I now had both technical ability and a sense of humour.

The passage of time has increased my technical ability and decreased my sense of humour.

The last five years have been spent inventing, designing, building, re-building and hopefully launching (please, God…) the revolutionary data system, SmartBlobz. SmartBlobz is an object-based distributed data system, the story of which is so thrilling it could easily end-up as a theatrical release. Don’t for a moment think I’m kidding. I will be posting many instalments in the story on this site as time passes. I’m still constantly involved with SmartBlobz.

I am now writing full-time. I will post excerpts and news from my work on, which is what it is for.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Matthew Bate asserts his right to be known as the creator of these works except where explicit citation or attribution has been made.

Thank you.


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